Cambridge Weight Plan

What's the price?

From around £2.40 per meal*


Cambridge Weight Plan has a plan as individual as you.
Please contact your local Cambridge Weight Plan
Consultant to find out more details.

How do I get started?

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants provide one-to-one support, along with helping you to choose the programme most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

They provide ongoing support during your weight loss journey with Cambridge Weight Plan. Contact a Consultant.

*Prices may vary. On our Step 1 a and b programmes you can expect to have three or four meals a day depending on gender and height and the Plan you choose. These meals will be made up entirely of Cambridge Weight Plan products. Please click here to find out more about our product range. Please contact your local Consultant for more details.

BrandWeekly Price

  • More information
    Cambridge Weight Plan £50.40
  • More information
    LighterLife £72.40
  • More information
    Slim-Fast £68.60

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