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Yvette's story

Yvette's stats

Height 163cm
Start size 16
Current size 10
Total loss 1st 7lbs*

A year on for our TV star! 

Yvette was catapulted in to the spotlight for the first time last year when she appeared in Cambridge Weight Plan’s new TV campaign.  A year on, she is still maintaining her weight and we put a few questions to her about her weight loss journey and how she is now managing her new weight.

So Yvette, it’s a year on, what has changed?

My weight loss has given me a new found confidence.  I gave up work to look after my children, and whilst I don’t regret that at all, it can have a knock on your confidence.  You forget you are you, and sometimes feel like you are just Mum.  I don’t feel like that now, I saw that Cambridge Weight Plan worked, and I became a Consultant.  A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamt I would do that.

What did you learn when losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan?

That it works!  It was so much easier than other diets I had tried.  I lost 9lbs in the first week, and that was so motivating.  I found working up the Steps really useful too.  It teaches you so much about food if you gradually re-introduce different foods to your diet.

How have your habits changed?

Portion control, I now know what a proper portion of food looks like!  I eat more vegetables now as I enjoy them, and I use the Cambridge Weight Plan recipe books a lot as that helps me continue to eat healthily, along with my family.

I have also continued to drink lots of water – which is a big change.  I can tell the difference between hunger pangs and thirst now. It also really helped to clear up my skin when I first started losing weight and I really noticed that, so I have continued with that good habit!

I usually have a Cambridge Weight Plan product a day even now, usually for breakfast.  This is partly because it is so filling it stops me snacking, but it also helps me to regulate my eating during the day.

Where are all your old clothes?

They went to the British Heart Foundation!  Although I have kept one old baggy jumper, just to remind myself of where I was and that I don’t want to go back there again.

Any advice for slimmers ‘temporary’ clothes when losing the weight?

Some of my clothes became a bit sack like, so I just shopped at cheap stores for interim outfits.   Once they became too big, they also went to charity.

So what have you done to maintain your new weight?

I exercise now. I am much more likely to go for a walk with my family, I go swimming without sitting on the edge with a towel wrapped around me, and I also go to exercise classes once or twice a week.  I do simple things like kettle bells, spinning, and legs, bums and tums, but it really helps tone my new shape.

Has your Consultant continued to support you?

Absolutely, and I think that is key to my success.  I’m still accountable to someone – my Cambridge Consultant!  I still get weighed every 2-3 weeks and she’s a great friend. I am not on a diet anymore, I am just careful sometimes.   I have been through so many firsts with her – like we went through my first holiday together at my new weight, and I didn’t worry so much about it, as we chatted beforehand about just being a little careful, and she was there right afterwards to weigh me and motivate me to lose the few extra holiday pounds.  I have a rough weight that I try to stick to, give or take 4lbs each way, and that helps, you can’t stay at an exact weight forever, I think that is unrealistic, plus I would spend a lot of time beating myself up when I fluctuated.

If you were to pass on one nugget of information to anyone who has lost weight and is worried about maintaining it, what would it be?

Cambridge Weight Plan teaches you all about portion control, and that was probably the most valuable lesson I learnt.  I no longer have to clear my plate, and I now know what a normal portion looks like!  Finally, relax and trust in your Consultant!  My Consultant is never far away if I need her.

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Rate: 3 months. *The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.


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