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“I’ve lost a stone in five weeks on Cambridge Weight Plan – plus 21 inches!”

Successful and beautiful star Martine McCutcheon admits she has regained her confidence after losing a stone plus 21 inches in just five weeks on Cambridge Weight Plan.

Singer, songwriter, actress and Loose Women presenter Martine, 40, who is married to music producer, Jack McManus, and has a two-year-old son, Rafferty, tells Cambridge Weight Plan how easy she has found following Step 3 on CWP, in spite of having chronic illnesses myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Lyme disease and an underactive thyroid.

We are absolutely delighted Love Actually star Martine has achieved her goal target, plus wish her all the best of luck with her new album, out in mid-July, which we can’t wait to hear!

On following Cambridge Weight Plan: “It couldn’t be more effortless to follow. I’m not going to lie; I still have the odd bump here and there – look, I am a woman in my 40s now who has had a baby not so long ago - but I am really happy with my body and the fact I’ve lost a stone on Cambridge Weight Plan, 21 inches and gone down a dress size-and-a-half is amazing!

“It took me five weeks with Cambridge Weight Plan to lose my goal target of one stone and I’ve felt really proud being an Ambassador for the brand.

“I know there are some absolutely sensational weight losses with it and, although mine isn’t as large a weight loss as some people, it is still just as important. I feel so pleased to have still have had that support and enthusiasm.”

Why Martine agreed to be an Ambassador for our brand: “I was nervous going into it, but thought it was the perfect time for me. I was in the remake of Love Actually for Comic Relief and being interviewed on live TV for that with Graham Norton, and I’ve got a new album coming out in mid-July.

“I knew I would be photographed and videoed for that and, even though no-one was putting any pressure on me, I wanted to do it for me and be a healthy and happy mummy for my son, Raffy. It has all come at the right time.”

Coping on Plan with chronic illnesses: “Cambridge Weight Plan has been brilliant with the medical side of things and the fact that everyone has their own Consultant is superb.

“I have an underactive thyroid and suffer from M.E. and have Lyme’s disease, which flares up every now and then, but CWP took all of that into account. It’s not a one size fits all diet: it is shaped to fit each person’s needs. You have different steps you can follow and between them, the medical help and my Consultant Donna, I have felt in very safe hands.

“Yes, it has been tough at times, but the medical support has really helped. Sometimes on diet plans, they don’t even ask about your medical issues.”

Martine’s Cambridge Weight Plan path: “My journey with Cambridge Weight Plan began on Step 2 to kick start me, then I moved on to Step 3. I have been on lots of diets before but what helped me most on this was I learnt a lot of stuff I’d guessed at before. Things like why my body had been holding on to weight because of my illness and when I was stressed. Donna explained everything to me and when I was finding it really hard to lose the last three pounds towards my stone, she helped me understand so much.

 This is such a great diet for me. I don’t like being given too much choice on a diet; I get confused and end up not knowing what I can have. This is idiot-proof.”

The best thing about Cambridge Weight Plan?: “Its simplicity. It used to do my head in on other diets, thinking about what I could and couldn’t have. You grab and go on this. There’s no excuse to be hungry.”

Having to drink two litres of water a day: “That was easy for me as I am a big water drinker anyway. My mum is a proper EastEnder and she used to say to me ‘drink water, drink more water, sleep well and always take your make-up off every night’. She was right.”

Seeing a difference in her wardrobe and on her figure: “Before I started on Cambridge Weight Plan, I bought a pair of designer jeans – Paige ones – online for £200. But when I put them on for Comic Relief, they didn’t fit; they were too big! I rang my mum and she said ‘what a dreadful problem to have!’ I had to quickly get another pair of smaller size jeans!”

Martine’s favourite Cambridge Weight Plan products: “I love anything chocolately, so it is a toss up for me between the mint crunch bar and the chocolate chewy bar. This is the dream diet for anyone like me, who has a sweet tooth. You can have allowable, sweet things, which I did in the evenings, with a black, decaf coffee.”

Juggling being on Cambridge Weight Plan with her busy family life as wife to Jack and their adorable two-year-old son, Rafferty, ‘the loves of her life’: “Jack’s been very supportive of me on CWP, but having said that, he’s a typical man who will go a grab a bagel with cream cheese and salmon! That’s life though and he runs all the time. He knows the minute he stops running, he’ll put on weight. I support him with his running and he supports me.”

Juggling being on Cambridge Weight Plan with her hectic celebrity lifestyle, filming Loose Women every fortnight, writing and recording a new album, not to mention all the other TV, radio and press appearances: “For me, the hardest thing is socialising with work. If you prepare for that by eating before you go to a function it helps. It’s about making decent decisions.”

How Cambridge Weight Plan has helped Martine regain confidence as a new mum: “At my biggest I was a size 15 after having Raffy; now I am around a size 12. And that is great for me: I was never aiming for a size six. I’m confident in my skin and that’s good. I’m a weight I can maintain; I didn’t want to go for a crazy goal – I am a woman in her 40s with so much more confidence than I ever had in my 20s when I was absolutely tiny because I danced all time, but I didn’t know who I was.”

Being Martine: “I just want to be all of me again, not one part. I love being a mum and a wife, but I also love having a career that allows me to be creative while feeling great about myself again.  And flitting between it all is what makes me tick. I am going to follow my dreams again; I think it’s time.”

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