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Anthony and Althea Walker

Anthony and Althea's stats

Age 18 & 54
Height 5ft 10" & 5ft 5"
Start weight 18st 7lbs & 17st 10lbs
Current weight 13st 7lbs & 14st
Total loss 5st & 3st 10lbs*

Couple of the Year 2016/17

Hit with the news that he was too heavy to fulfil his dream of joining the Navy, Anthony and his mum Althea set out to make that dream a reality, with incredible results…


I have always kept up my fitness and played badminton, so I never thought anything of my weight. However, I had a massive shock when I went for my Navy medical.

I had passed the entry exams and just needed to get the medical formalities out of the way. Well the medical didn’t last long, because as soon as they weighed me they told me I had failed… I was devastated as it was my dream job!

They told me that they could hold the application open until the end of June, but I would need to get down to 13 stone 7lbs or less. The look of horror on my mum’s face told me that 5 stone in 4 months was not easy. She then googled diets whilst I wondered what we were having for tea!

The next day she told me we were both going on a diet! Now my mum had been on and off diets for what seemed like forever, but I was new to this and I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing if I am honest.

I liked the Bars and Shakes and they filled me up, and as mum was still cooking the evening meals it was no problem. I lost my first stone in just a few weeks and I was still missing takeaways, but otherwise it was quite straightforward.

Fast-forward to the 29th of June: the last weigh in before I go to my medical… and I weighed 13 stone, 3 and a half pounds!

I cannot believe how much my life has changed – my badminton has gone up another level and I am now playing for the first team! I can fit into a sharp suit and mum thinks I am more confident and getting more attention from the ladies, but I think she is only saying that to try and embarrass me.

I think the experience has brought me closer to my mum and I am glad that we have shared the experience of our weight loss. We are eating much healthier as a family now and that can only be a good thing.


My main motivation for joining CWP was to help my son to lose 5 stone after being declared as medically unfit by the Navy. I too needed to lose a substantial amount of weight, and had in the past resorted to what I thought of as a 'quick fix' by having a surgical procedure about 8 years ago.

I didn't want history to be repeated in terms of him feeling that opportunities were limited, and feeling powerless to affect any change in regards to his weight. I have always used food as a means of medicating myself, and now saw similar patterns emerging in Anthony.

I suppose the reality of our weight problems really hit home when Anthony was refused entry into the Navy – he was 18 and a half stone and I was nearly 18 stone. As Anthony was given a strict deadline of the end of June to get down to under 13 and a half stone, we knew that to lose 5 stone in 4 months Anthony needed some serious help… we both did! So we both started CWP.

Initially I was only doing it to support my son but after the first few weeks… wow, I could really see a difference. I never thought I would be able to diet and loose nearly 4 stone to date! I also never thought I would carry on after Anthony had hit his target, but here I am 2 and a half months since Anthony has been maintaining and I am still going strong!

It is amazing how much you realise you are limiting yourself when you are overweight. I now have a renewed confidence and it is great to see the confidence and energy my son has. My whole world seems to be that little brighter (or should I say lighter) now.

Rate: 12 months *The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to these slimmers. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

Anthony and Althea Walker after After
Anthony and Althea Walker before Before

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