Success story

Janet Hutchinson

Janet's stats

Age 43
Height 6ft
Start weight 26st 3lbs
Current weight 13st 13lbs
Total lost 12st 4lbs




New Me 2018

“My childhood was far from happy and I witnessed violence and bullying as part of everyday life. My mum tried to make it better with chocolate and sweet treats, so they soon became a comfort I came to depend on. 

“Marriage and three children, plus working full time, meant my growing weight was bottom of my priorities. But I was sweating all the time, had severe backache, no energy and feeling like a total failure.

“Then in 2015, a family trauma tore our lives apart. The pain I felt overwhelmed me and trying to keep my family together throughout it all caused me to emotional binge. I used food as a way of coping and reached my biggest... size 32.

“I was also suffering from sleep apnoea, where my weight was causing me to stop breathing throughout the night. I knew the next step would be an oxygen machine at night yet still buried my head in the sand. I had lots of embarrassing moments, like not fitting on fairground rides and being called names, but I put on a brave face pretending I didn’t care.

“My wake-up call came when my husband, Mark, said he had seen me stop breathing in the night. I couldn’t hide it any more. 

“Right next door to where I work, I kept seeing a Cambridge Weight Plan sign so nervously made an appointment with Sarah Smith. When the weight started dropping off, I felt better and better. Also, those embarrassing sweats and feeling tired all the time stopped.

“Fast forward to today and more than 12 stones lighter, my life is totally different. I sleep like a baby, am in size 12/14 clothes and feel amazing. I never stop now, I’m so full of energy and feel like my life is just beginning.

“I thank my lucky stars I found Cambridge Weight Plan as I knew I wouldn’t have seen my 50th birthday the way my weight was skyrocketing. Now I’m 43 and feel younger and better than I did in my twenties.”

Janet Hutchinson after After
Janet Hutchinson before Before

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