Success story

Nicola Donici

Nicola's stats

Age 37
Height 5ft 5"
Start weight 18st 2lbs
Current weight 10st
Total lost 8st




Woman of the Year 2018

“I began to gain weight after a miscarriage two years ago. I ate to fill the emptiness I felt inside. A few months later I fell pregnant again. I was overjoyed, but the pregnancy was not without problems. I kept on haemorrhaging and was told on numerous occasions I was having a miscarriage and later that the baby had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

“I was on bed rest until I gave birth and gained so much weight. The people around me suffered. I lost interest in everything I used to enjoy. My marriage deteriorated and my husband became a stranger . . . we argued constantly.

 “When I was eventually given the all-clear to resume activities, I had gained so much weight I  couldn’t physically do anything without feeling exhausted. I felt too embarrassed to go out or see anyone. I was depressed and lacked lust for life. I would not brush my hair, get dressed or even look in the mirror. I was in a very dark place . . . this, to me, was what it felt like to be at rock bottom. The only thing which kept me going was that I had done this to try and help save my baby.

 “Then finally my son was born. I was so happy and relieved, but I felt so much shame when it took numerous people to lift me on to the recovery bed after my C-section because of my weight. I left the hospital in a wheelchair because I could barely even stand, let alone walk, and the pain in my back was excruciating.

 “When I got home, my life was the same as before. I looked after the baby and comfort ate. I felt so alone and depressed because of my weight. I didn’t see anyone or go anywhere. I should have been taking my new baby out and showing him off to the world. Instead I had been stuck in the house for about 11 months.

 “Things got so bad in my marriage that I went to stay with my sister for a while. She had just started Cambridge Weight Plan and, after another argument with my husband, something inside me said ‘enough is enough’. My whole life and the people that were most important to me were suffering because of my weight and the social anxiety which came with it. My baby was six months old and had only been out of the house a couple of times.

“I contacted my Consultant, Linda Danks, and started my journey. She made me believe I could do it and supported me every step of the way.

 “I have a new zest for life, I feel confident and enjoy the things that I used to enjoy before. My marriage is much better now . . . my weight loss has given us that spark back. My older son has lost more than a stone recently and he told me ‘if you can lose weight mum, then I can do it too’. I have also been to see him in his drama performance . . . the look on his face when he saw me and baby Jesse in the audience was priceless. It’s the little things I missed out on for so long that I appreciate much more now.”

Nicola Donici after After
Nicola Donici before Before

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