Success story

Ralph Lawless

Ralph's stats

Age 47
Height 5ft 10"
Start weight 29st 7lbs
Current weight 12st 7lbs





Man of the Year 2018

“I wasn’t always overweight, as my job as a builder kept me fit and slim.

“Around 15 years ago, I had a relationship breakdown which left me emotionally scarred. I then had a back injury which meant I was unable to carry on working. This lead to severe depression and I struggled to leave the house. 

“My physical activity dropped to an all-time low. I was caught in a vicious circle of depression, comfort eating and drinking, gaining weight and becoming more depressed.

“Miserable and unbearably lonely, I felt nobody would ever want me. When I looked in the mirror all I saw was a freak. I had no social life, no friends outside of work and a pointless existence. My self-worth was zero.

“I would wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, shocked at the image I’d become. I became a virtual recluse, only daring to leave the house late at night, to go shopping for yet more food and drink, hoping nobody I knew would see me.

“One of the triggers that made me want to lose weight, was an email from ‘Big Dude Clothing’, a specialist clothing site selling oversized men’s clothes. The headline was Massive Jeans Sale. Although I laughed at the time, this was something that stuck in my mind. 

“The worst thing for me was the emotional void of loneliness. Not having a companion for well over a decade to offer any emotional support had sapped my soul dry. The belief that I was destined to never find a life partner, led me to make a decision to make a change and what a change that turned out to be.

“I had tried to lose weight before and failed, but this time I wanted to do it right. I wanted a diet that was easy to stick too, was healthy and wouldn’t need too much planning. Cambridge Weight Plan sounded ideal, so I contacted a nearby Consultant, Lisa. I saw her that very same day. 

“That morning when I stood on the scales for the first time I weighed in at 29-and-a-half stone. I didn’t even know that scales could go up that far. I weighed the same as a grizzly bear.

“People at work soon started noticing my weight loss and the compliments started flooding in. My area manager saw me for the first time after I had lost 10 stone . . . she was so amazed at my transformation.

“My confidence was growing and so were my energy levels. At this point I started to introduce exercise, which I steadily increased over several months. 

“At the gym people soon started to notice how much weight I was losing and how much fitter I was becoming. As time went on, people at the gym were encouraging me to continue on my weight-loss journey. I was making new friends everywhere I went.

“By February 2018, I had achieved my target weight. I had lost 17 stone. I weigh five stone less than the total I’ve lost. I now have more clothes now than I know what to do with. 

“This year I joined a social gathering called ‘meet up’ where members join online and can meet up at real social events. I now host ‘meet up’ events all over the south. I also host Soul nights, where I have gained the nickname of Ralph Travolta, because nobody can keep me off the dance floor.

“Dancing is not the only new love I have; I’m still a regular at the gym. I have become a qualified fitness instructor and I love teaching others, helping them to get fitter and stronger.

“The old me now seems like a lifetime ago. My social life is amazing, I am out so much, I have to keep a diary. I feel reborn and I will never look back. “

Ralph Lawless after After
Ralph Lawless before Before

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