Success story

Valerie Stapleton

Valerie's stats

Age 34
Height 5ft 2"
Start weight 14st 10lbs
Current weight 11st
Total lost 3st 10lbs




Inspiring Achiever 2018

“In my early 20s, I was between jobs. I owned a horse and worked at the local stables to earn some money off my livery bill. I would exercise three to four hours a day, as well as doing hard physical yard work. At the time I was a size 12. I was confident and happy with my body.

“One bad relationship tore this happy world apart. After 18 months enduring domestic abuse, I was a shell of who I was, I was no longer confident, happy and outgoing. I didn’t know who I was, because every day, ‘who I was’ annoyed my partner more and more. He would constantly find ways to put me down and make me feel bad about myself.

“I gave up my job at the stables and the weight started to creep on. I had to sell my horse and leave my old life behind and, since then, it’s been me and my son on our own.

“My son was born in 2010 with a rare genetic disorder. Surgery was required before his second birthday, and he had a host of other medical issues. I had to focus all my energy on my son and his needs. I ate to cope and the weight piled on. I was on duty 24/7; there simply was no time for me to look after me.

“The turning point was in March 2018. I was at the heaviest I had ever been. I felt so low, I would cover myself up and hide my body whenever I could. I was also exhausted. I didn’t know who ‘me’ was any more. I needed to take charge and make a change. A friend suggested Cambridge Weight Plan. I was dubious but went ahead and emailed Caroline, who became my Consultant.

“That’s when I met the wondrous whirlwind who is Caroline Matthews. She emailed me back straight away and we spoke that evening, and arranged to meet up that following Tuesday. I was so nervous, just letting someone measure me and officially knowing my weight was horrifying to me. Caroline put me at ease within seconds of walking through the door. I loved her attitude, her enthusiasm and her outlook on life. We were a team and we were going to do this for me and Caroline was going to be with me every step of the way. I left that day feeling more positive than I had in years and ready to change my lifestyle and start making time for myself.

“I was so impressed with the range and variety of products. The soups, shakes and bars were delicious, so thinking about and organising my meals became so easy and quick that I fell into a routine very quickly.

“So here I am, back into my size 12 jeans and wearing clothes from eight years ago. My confidence has skyrocketed, I have so much energy and enthusiasm for life that my family and friends have remarked that I am a new person. I don’t think I am a new person, I think I am the ‘me’ I always wanted to be and I like this me! I have started horse riding again which I love, started exercising and playing football with my son. I’ve even built up the courage to give the dating scene another go.” 

Valerie Stapleton after After
Valerie Stapleton before Before

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