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Angie Allan

Angie's stats

Age 58
Height 5ft 4"
Start weight 13st 6lbs
Current weight 10st 2lbs
Total loss 3st 4lbs*

When Angie Allan started on her weight loss journey with Cambridge Weight Plan she was dealt a heartbreaking blow, but was determined it wouldn’t bring her down and now she’s our fabulous Inspiring Achiever Slimmer Award winner . . .

“When our daughter became engaged to her Australian fiancé in March 2016, I was 13 stones and a tight size 16, but determined that I would slim down for the wedding day in July 2017. They would be coming over from Melbourne to get married in her home town and she had entrusted me with the wedding planning.

“In my younger years I was very slim, but the weight had crept on over the years. After having both our children in my 30s I still looked okay, but into my 50s after the children had left home and life in general wasn't quite so hectic, my weight increased to the point where I hated every photo I saw with me in it. Every special occasion, family holiday, our son's graduation and so on was spoilt for me when I saw myself in the photos.

“I had 16 months to lose four stones. Easy! After all, I'd given up smoking 30 years ago; surely I could put my mind to this. But as the time drew nearer, I had put it off to the point where I began to panic. 

“January 2017 arrived and I was the heaviest I had ever been. I had six months to lose all this weight! My next door neighbour popped in for a coffee one day and told me how she'd lost weight for her own daughter's wedding the year before, with Cambridge Weight Plan. 

“I'm not really a ‘shakes’ kind of girl and I'd thought that's all it was, but I decided to look into it and found CWP Consultant Charlie Hewitt in Ipswich. From our first meeting I felt inspired. Charlie told me her own weight loss story. She lost four stones seven years ago and managed to keep the weight off. This was the girl for me! 

“I had already decided I couldn't do shakes so went straight to Step 2. I had found that, for me, other diets had too much choice and were too complicated, but with this I just had the CWP porridge for breakfast, CWP sachet meal for lunch and for my main meal in the evening - either poached salmon or chicken breast with green vegetables, usually broccoli - plus 2.25 litres of water a day. The same every day! 

“If I went out to eat, I would have a steak and green vegetables and just have water or herbal tea to drink. I was the best person to go to dinner with as my husband and other diners would get my potatoes and I would drive. It was strict, it was plain and simple, but it worked for me as I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person.

“My husband worked away during the week, but on the weekends I would cook him his favourite meals, often freezing extra portions for future weekends, and just keep to my usual salmon or chicken. 

“After four weeks I had lost one-and-a-half stones, dropped one or two dress sizes and was looking and feeling much better, but at that point I made the heartbreaking discovery that my husband of 35 years had been leading a double life and I was now divorcing him. 

“My life descended into chaos and, when dealt a blow like that, it would have been easy to shut the world out and over-eat, but my diet was the only thing I could control amidst the sea of divorce lawyers and wedding planning, so I had to hold it together. 

“Throughout it all, Charlie was a massive support to me and I looked forward to seeing her every Monday morning for my weigh-in, one-to-one, though many of our meetings at that time were a bit teary.

“I left it as long as I could to buy my outfit for the wedding, wanting to get into a smaller size, and by the time my mum and I went shopping I was thrilled to find the perfect thing in a size 12.

“The wedding day went off perfectly. My daughter looked beautiful, I received so many wonderful compliments on how I looked and at last I was able to look at photographs of me without feeling regret.

“Before the weight loss I found I was out of breath climbing the stairs, but now I can even run up the stairs without getting breathless. I used to wear dark colours and baggy tops that covered my bottom, but now I buy bright colours and shirts to tuck into my skinny jeans and am happy to show off my new figure.

“I have now lost four stones, and look and feel better than I have in years. I gave all my ‘fat’ clothes away and now have a whole new wardrobe of size 10 clothes.

“I have dumped a lot of negative baggage and excess weight from my old life and am now looking forward to embracing my new life . . . whatever it may hold, as a slim and confident woman.”


Rate: 4 months *The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

Angie Allan after After
Angie Allan before Before

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