Success stories

Read all about our amazing slimmers who have achieved real success and transformed their lives using a variety of Cambridge Weight Plan programmes. We hope their stories motivate you to start your own Cambridge Weight Plan success story.


Check out our Man and Woman of the Year 2018 - Nicola Donici and Ralph Lawless!

“This diet is different because of the one-to-one support”

“I will never go back to the weight I was before”

“I’m 43 and feel younger and better than I did in my twenties.”

“In my eyes, CWP is not a diet, it's a Plan for life.”

“When I look back at old pictures, its like looking at someone else”

“Two stone down and I feel amazing!”

“I have so much energy and enthusiasm for life.”

“I've lost 17 stone and become a qualified fitness instructor.”

“Because of my size, I didn't have a picture with my new born baby.”

“Thank you for giving me my life back.”

“I’m no longer fat and frumpy; I’m a yummy mummy!”

“I've changed my life, so can you!”

“I finally feel like a good role model”

“I am no longer scared of breaking my ladders”

“The new me is here to stay”

“I love being able to grab and go on Cambridge Weight Plan!”

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