Cambridge Weight Plan

Success stories

Read all about our amazing slimmers who have achieved real success and transformed their lives using a variety of Cambridge Weight Plan programmes. We hope their stories motivate you to start your own Cambridge Weight Plan success story.


“I enjoy doing things I never thought possible”

“I’ve finally got my spark back”

“For the first time in my life I am proud of myself”

“I am no longer scared of breaking my ladders”

“The new me is here to stay”

“Now I’m the person I've always wanted to be”

“Cambridge Weight Plan has opened up a whole new life for me”

“I was getting great results, and I was empowered”

“This was the best decision I ever made!”

“I am a completely different person now”

“I hit rock bottom at 32 stone”

“Our weight-loss experience has brought us closer”

“I am determined to maintain my healthy lifestyle”

“I had to keep fighting to lose weight for my babies”

“I have gained a lot of love and respect for myself”

“Who says you can’t still be sexy at 70!”

“I’ve more than halved my size!”

“I love being able to grab and go on Cambridge Weight Plan!”

“I won Bella's 12 week challenge”

“'I said YES to this dream dress for my big day'”

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