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A new Oxford University study published in the Obesity journal, has revealed that meal replacement programmes combined with one-to-one support are an effective and cost-efficient way to lose weight long term.

You will only get that with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

When you choose us, you’ll get one-to-one support from your very own Consultant (a real person dedicated to your weight loss, not a chat-bot or a group session). They will provide you with a personalised plan that fits your needs. And they can offer an amazing range of nutritionally balanced products that will get you results.

BBC1's 'The Big Crash Diet Experiment' also showed that one-to-one support from a trained Consultant combined with meal replacement products is the most effective way to lose weight, and keep it off!

Have a watch!

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Whilst you're here, why not read our case studies below to see how these dieters found their 1:1 Diet experience.

Case Studies

Paul Lomas

After a priest lost six stones in weight, parishioners of a church in Stockport thought they had a new priest…

Ellie Killeen

Last year Ellie was the heaviest she had ever been, until buying a large rain mac became the final straw and she dropped 6 dress sizes!

Emma Luff

Emma Luff took part in a major new trial which proved that overweight and obese people lost significantly more weight on a total diet replacement programme provided by Cambridge Weight Plan, rather than an NHS care route.

Jean Lawrence

With the one-to-one support from Jennifer, I’ve lost more than seven stones

This website provides a dedicated page for each Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant who can tell you their own story and how they can help you. All you need to do is put in your postcode and choose the Consultant you think will help you achieve your weight loss goal. The choice is yours!

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To find a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, simply type in your UK postcode or select your county in the Republic of Ireland and a list of Consultants who cover your area will appear.

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