Cambridge Weight Plan

One-to-one support

A recent survey showed that 93% of people think one-to-one support is beneficial for a dieter*.

Our Independent Consultants are unique. They themselves have lost weight with Cambridge Weight Plan so they will understand exactly what you are going through, and will support and motivate you throughout your weight loss journey.

*Opinion Matters research, October 2014

With Cambridge Weight Plan you won’t be getting your support from a faceless person on the other end of the phone or buying your products online. Nor will you be sitting in a room with other dieters discussing how you did each week, and then publicly get on the scales. 

Your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will do all this with just you in the room, weekly or fortnightly. Their attention solely on you - how you are getting on and how they can support you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants are in a unique position – they too have lost weight on Cambridge Weight Plan and understand exactly what you are going through. Your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will work out the weight loss programme that best suits you and your lifestyle. They will provide ongoing advice, helping you achieve the best results at a rate that suits you.

This website provides a dedicated page for each Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant who can tell you their own story and how they can help you. All you need to do is put in your postcode and choose the Consultant you think will help you achieve your weight loss goal. The choice is yours!

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Jane Smith, Devon

Knowing what I could eat every day was what I needed. When you've struggled with your weight for many years, like me, the discipline of Cambridge Weight Plan was a breath of fresh air. My Consultant was invaluable - she kept me on the straight and narrow when I felt tempted, and kept my mind on the life changing goal I was working towards.

Deborah Prime, Hampshire

I would describe my journey with Cambridge Weight Plan as straight forward and simple. The programme and Steps are so easy to follow. The support from my Consultant was extremely important in my weight-loss journey. She kept me motivated the whole time and is still a great support to me now.

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