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Nikki D

Achievements 5 year service milestoneAward winnerMajor award winner2 advanced training day(s) attended

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Major Award Winning Full Time Consultant

Prestigeous "Above and Beyond" Award Consultant :  superb Client focus and support

Highly Commended Consultant : outstanding performance

Consultant to 3 shortlisted Slimmers of the Year

Specialist Cambridge Trained in Medical and Nutrition & Exercise 

Confidential 1-1 support throughout your weightloss and beyond.

Following my 3 stone* loss in 2008 with Cambridge Weight Plan, I have hugely benefited from a healthier life-style. Struggling with my mobility and arthritis, my body could not support my excess weight.  4 months later, the change was unimaginable! I started to go out for walks, enjoy life again and trained to be a Cambridge Consultant.  I am full time, and am privileged to support and encourage my own clients.

Based in Englefield Green (TW20, J13 M25,) near Windsor, Virginia Water, Ascot, Camberley, Sunningdale.I offer off-road parking and a private office.

As a recipient of the prestigeous Above and Beyond Award for exceptional client focus and professionalism, you are guaranteed confidential support throughout your weight loss and on to long-term maintenance.  I value the rapport and trust that develops with my clients and ensure that you are always treated as an individual and never judged or criticised.  You are given the time you need both during your appointments and inbetween if you need additional support. You will never be rushed.   

Cambridge Weight Plan is not a miracle cure or a quick fix. I made significant changes to my life-style and eating habits, learnt how to control portion sizes and make sensible food choices. My self-esteem, confidence and love of life returned, despite thinking I had left it too late to change my life. I will do everything I can to support you. It takes time to change long-standing habits. You will get that time with me. 

Why me and what can I offer you?

  • Major Award Winning Consultant : Above and Beyond & Highly Commended
  • Consultant to shortlisted Slimmers of the Year  
  • Cambridge Specialist trained in Medical and Nutrition & Exercise 
  • Personal experience of Cambridge Weight Plan as a client 
  • Daytime/evening weekday confidential 1-1 appointments and most Saturdays
  • No registration, contract, sign-up fee, or charges for weigh-ins or literature
  • Private office, off-road parking

Don't do as I did and delay making the decsion to lose weight. It simply isn't worth it, but you most certainly are and I'm here to help. 


* The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.




When I first met Nikki I was in a bad way, over 20 stone,  I had problems with water retention in my legs and could hardly walk.  I had no confidence and was totally miserable.  Nikki changed all that and turned my life around.  It is now over three years later and I am still a size 12 having lost over 8 stone*. Nikki has been there the whole time for me.   I got married in 2014 in a beautifully fitted dress barely recognizable from the unhappy me before I met Nikki. Without her that would not have been possible. *The weight lost and timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.


After 18 years of being overweight and my marriage breakdown, I plucked up the courage to lose weight, and I'm so glad I chose Nikki. She has a relaxed, friendly style that instantly put me at ease.  My success is in no small part due to Nikki's support and knowledge. I lost over 13 stone* and have maintained this.  I now lead a far more active life and cycle and walk for miles.  I am a totally different person, but know that I could not have achieved this without Nikki or Cambridge Weight Plan. I have started to live again.  *The weight lost and timeframes are particular to this slimmer.  Everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.


Nikki provides excellent support and advice, along with friendship and continual encouragement. From the start she has been a true professional, frequently keeping in touch to assess my well-being, and providing motivation and help, beyond my weight loss.  She has an outstanding work ethic and I cannot stress enough how she has changed my life by helping me accomplish the successful weight loss  I so desperately wanted. Always remaining in contact, even though I am now successfully maintaining my weight, Nikki is still providing a great deal of vital support and reassurance.  Nikki deserves the highest level of recommendation possible.


Nikki’s a 'real' person.  She genuinely cares about her clients and treats them with outstanding kindness and respect.  Her support is critical.  Having a weight problem has impacted my whole life, holding me back personally and professionally.  Being overweight isn't just about size, it’s affected who I am and what I do.  Nikki makes me believe in myself and my ability to succeed.  I have laughed and cried along the way. Nikki picks me up, dusts me down and naturally seems to know the right things to say or do.  I believe in Nikki. I also believe in myself!

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.