Stars of Direct Selling awards

Added 02/11/2018

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) held its Stars of Direct Selling awards ceremony today. This is where members of the UK DSA come together to celebrate the very best direct sellers in our industry. These awards are highly coveted by direct sellers across the UK.

The industry has over 425,000 direct sellers in the UK making a contribution of around £2 billion to the UK economy.

Each award category is strongly contested by thousands of direct sellers from different companies across the UK and choosing which Consultants to put forward for the nine award categories was a challenge. We were thrilled when we found out a few weeks ago that six Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants had been shortlisted! This is more than ever before, and more than any other company had. That really is a testament to how fantastic Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants are, and we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the work you are all doing every day!

Today, these six Consultants – Rachael Tait, Terri McGeoghegen, Rose Bunce, Lisa Maidment, Liza Harding-Buck and Linda and Amy Jarman attended the awards ceremony at Leicester Marriott Hotel.

Sales Director, Cliff Jones, said: “I am so proud to be joining six Consultants at the Stars of Direct Selling awards ceremony. It’s a phenomenal achievement to be shortlisted by the DSA in this competition and we are consistently recognised year-on-year.”

We’d like to extend a huge well done to Rachael, Terri, Rose, Lisa, Liza, Linda and Amy for getting to the final of such a prestigious competition – everyone at Head Office is immensely proud to have such amazing Consultants representing the Cambridge Weight Plan brand.

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Maidment won the DSA’s Mumpreneur of the Year; Linda and Amy Jarman were awarded the DSA’s Partnership of the Year and Liza Harding-Buck is the new DSA’s Star of the Year!

Three Consultants narrowly missed out on awards – Rachael Tait in the DSA’s Part-time Direct Seller of the Year category, Terri McGeoghegan in the Young Direct Seller of the Year category, Rose Bunce in the Mentor of the Year category. But they are still winners in our eyes and show that Cambridge Weight Plan is a fantastic business opportunity.


If you would like to become an independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant yourself, then simply contact your nearest Consultant and they will be able to explain the process to you. It really is a fantastic opportunity to run your own business!

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