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Martin & Richard S

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Back in 2011, after trying virtually every diet going, and attempting not to worry about my weight, when I was confronted with a holiday snap of me on a camel, and remembering how that camel had struggled to get up, I felt utterly fed up!! It was time to take my weight problem seriously and so I started researching which would be a fast yet safe way of losing weight, and then keeping it off. I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan, and since then I've never looked back. I lost many inches from my waist, and started to feel my old self coming back with more energy, and confidence returning fast.

That was over EIGHT years ago, and today I am still happily maintaining my lower weight, and since becoming a Consultant, I've helped many other people achieve their goals too. I work from a purpose built consulting centre assisted by my partner Richard who is also accredited. Conveniently located in Central Lincoln, near to A46 by-pass and with free parking available.

I'm delighted and proud to have been Consultant to finalists in the Cambridge Slimmer of the Year Competition in both 2013, 2014 and 2017. Their amazing results have inspired many others to come along and get started.

Proud Consultant to the 2016 Lifestyle WINNER! 

I can help YOU be a winner too.

This is your personal journey but I am here to help and support you to succeed. I treat each client as an individual and in confidence. Cambridge Weight Plan is suitable for most people and lifestyles, regardless of how much you have to lose, it may be 1 stone, it may be 20+ stones, you CAN do this but you don't need to do it alone! Why not take a look at some of my clients' testimonials? I've been honoured to have helped so many people towards a happier and healtheir weight - and most importantly I try to go the extra mile in helping people KEEP the weight off and maintain their goal weight.

I did it, so can you!!

Give me a call for an informal chat today or email for more information!!

  • I always have the full Cambridge Weight Plan range in stock
  • I allow at least 30 mins for weigh ins - you'll never feel rushed
  • Appointments available 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri - and Sat mornings
  • All major debit / credit cards accepted

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Dr. Sam, Lincoln

I started with a waist of 44" and BMI of 35. Being a doctor I was fully aware of the consequences of this. With Martin's expertise, I found the diet easy to follow and great results achieved quickly. I'm now BMI 27 and 34" waist - and a lot happier. I was also selected as a slimmer of the year finalist 2017 as I maintained my lower weight for over SIX YEARS! Happy to recommend Martin and Cambridge Weight Plan.

Shirley, Bassingham

I came to CWP about 5 years ago after trying many diets. I moved to Lincoln where I met Martin who took time to really explain the plan fully and most importantly how I could maintain my healthy weight . It's so important to find the right consultant! Thanks Martin.

Alison, Lincoln

I started CWP very unhappy with my weight and appearance. Martin really took time to explain the concepts of the plan and motivated me to reach my goal. It's a convenient and tasty way to lose weight, helping to re-educate and re-programme how I thought about food. I feel fantastic!

Nigel, Lincoln

This diet really suits my lifestyle, but it only worked with the help & support from Martin. He really helped me understand different carbohydrates. Now I have a new lease of life, health is much improved. Wish I'd discovered it years ago! BMI 38.9 to 27.4 Waist 48" to 36"

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.