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Lucy G

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With Weight Plan Centres in Newport High Street and Bridgnorth High Street, day and evening appts available.

 If you are unsure as I was before starting DON'T - just take my word for it, call me and give Cambridge a try, if its not for you I offer a full refund for any products returned in saleable condition so there's nothing to lose but excess weight!

  • Are you sick of checking food labels, counting calories or sins?
  • Are you  drained from the daily mental battle of what you should eat ?
  • Does your weight affect your confidence and prevent you doing the things you enjoy?

All 3 statements applied to me.  I'd dieted from late teens, my weight yo-yo'd from month to month.  In the right mood I made progress with various diets but always lost faith as the amount of weight I had to lose seemed unachievable and I  got bored and gave up!. My Cambridge  experience has been life-changing . I dont know where I would be without it and I KNOW If I can do it anyone can and I would love to help you try! My bio's below: 

When my doctor advised me that my weight was having negative effects on my health 7 years ago and my seven-year-old (now a stroppy teenager) asked me why I couldn't wear jeans 'like other mums do' and cried because I wouldnt' take her Ice Skating, it spurred me into action.  I DID want to skate with her but jeans made me feel "huge" and  I was frightened of being laughed at by  teenagers at the rink. I dubiously contacted Cambridge,  but the swift results kept me focused and within months I was in jeans with a confidence I'd never experienced, and although my ice skating was poor, the giggle we had together was unforgettable!

I've been a Consultant  for 4 years and love supporting people to transform their shape and their lives using Cambridge.

I have Weight Plan Centres on Newport High Street (In Hairport Hairdressers) and Bridgnorth High Street (Next door to Boots) which offer privacy and discretion rather than being disturbed  at home although I home call if preferred.

Your weight loss is unique. All appointments are a one to one with no consultation/weigh in fees/membership costs. I provide daily support or am available 24/7 for anyone who prefers to forge ahead alone.



Jo Salt

Lucy is unlike any other weight-loss Consultant, she put me at ease and encouraged me to reach my goals.  She went the extra mile to help me suceed and gain confidence and self esteem. I now feel better about the way I look and feel in the mirror. Thank you Lucy.

Michaela Bishop

Lucy has helped motivate me throughout my journey on the Cambridge. Always there when I have a wobble and continuously checking to make sure I am ok. I really wouldn't of been able to come this far without her guidance and help throughout my weight loss so far.

Natalie Swift

I was nervous to begin Cambridge but Lucy's constant support helped me to achieve my target weight. Her positivity and belief  in the plan is contageous .She listened, wasn't pushy and was brutally honest about  the good and bad aspects of the plan. I would'nt have suceeded without her. Thank you!

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.