About Penny

Who's Penny?

Penny Porter MSc HPC MCSP is a qualified physiotherapist, a former British swimming record holder for 50m fly and currently works as a Consultant to British Swimming, England Rugby and Cambridge Weight Plan.

Penny started swimming when she was seven. She went with her brother to a local pool where he was swimming for a club. She was rather good at it – and that was it. Penny won her first medal when she was nine and became a county champion. She has since worked with numerous international sports teams and individuals including...

  • Bristol Rugby
  • British swim team and England Rugby, and World record holders – youngest-ever team to swim the English Channel in 2010

Penny believes that being physically active is an important part of people’s lives; for general health benefits, toning, and making people feel good about themselves. “It’s got to be fun though!”

So why keep Active with Cambridge Weight Plan?

“It’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is so important for us and also for teaching our children about it. It can improve people’s appearance and generally make them feel happier. There is medical proof that exercise creates endorphins that can make people feel happier:  what other reason do you need?

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