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Lisa M

Achievements DIAMOND Level ConsultantAward winnerMajor award winner2 advanced training day(s) attended

T 07852272840
M 07852 272840
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Multi-Award Winning Consultant - when only the best will do

  • 2018 - Sales Champion
  • 2017 - Sales Champion
  • 2016 - Sales Champion
  • 2016 - Regional Consultant in the West Midlands
  • 2015 - Highly Commended

Experienced Supportive and Friendly Consultant - Here to help you change your life and stop the yo-yo dieting forever.

I had spent most of my life "yo-yo" dieting and every time my size increased, my self esteem plummeted. After losing three dress sizes, having a baby and losing it again, I am passionate about giving you long term weight management support.

How I work:

I have had extensive and specialist training to further develop how I work with clients and therefore see the best possible results.

I have many support tools to help and encourage you to make changes, and can adapt what I have to suit you and deal with any situation you are struggling with. I understand your struggles, but I can help remove your barriers to achieve those dreams and desires. I am an expert in my field.

  • I am based at a bespoke weight management centre within Transforming U at Beckett's Farm
  • Flexible day time, evening and weekend appointments
  • One to one support appointments offered
  • Additional group based support offered
  • Exceptional long term weight management support
  • No admin/registration fees charged
  • And a secret supportive facebook group

I have been supporting local men and women to change their life, not just change their weight. I would love to help you do the same too.

I offer you support to help you develop coping mechanisms, live life differently and therefore use food and drink differently. To take more pride in you, to really start loving you and caring about what goes in. I can offer flexible 1-1 support in changing your life.

I can support you with dealing with such things as holidays, celebrations and other times when you may want to change the plan you are on. As this helps you to build your ability to deal with such situations and maintain your weight in the future.

Weight Management

I support clients long term through weight management which I am passionate about, as I believe you need just as much support to keep it off, as you do to get it off.

Get in touch, what have you got to lose? It could change your life forever.

Lisa x

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Dawn River

i have found Lisa's kind and supportive encouragement a real help in getting me to face the very challenging task of working towards a healthier, fitter, happier me. Thank you.

Alletha F

Lisa is an amazing person, thank you for helping me through my weight loss journey, I really appreciate your support. I really enjoy seeing you and you make my journey easy to accomplish.

Nicole F

Lisa is an outstanding Consultant. Throughout my journey she has been there with support, guidance and encouragement. I have always struggled with my weight and achieved success thought this package of support.

Jane D F

Lisa is very supportive and encouraging, you are never made to feel that your goals are unreachable even when you have faltered at times. There is always a solution to any problems or difficulties you may experience on the programme. 

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.