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Within half an hour of contacting Georgia I had a text back and we arranged to speak. She rang me within minutes and was very confident in the products and positive about the plan.

She explained everything in great detail and made me feel very positive about the plan. She is strict but in a lovely way to keep you on plan. She is always very professional, friendly and bubbly and I have never dreaded going to a weighing with her like I have on other diets.

I would definitely recommend Georgia to anyone who would like to join Cambridge.


Having done the diet herself and struggling with maths of age plus pounds Georgia has inspired me to carry on with Cambridge even through some very difficult times.

Normally I find it difficult to talk about myself to anybody and I mean anybody.

Georgia has made me realize it’s all about me this time and not to feel guilty or selfish about that fact.  She's also made me realize how to understand my thoughts around my addictive habits along with how to deal with situations.

I highly recommend Georgia she's a great consultant who will really help you.


Georgia works tirelessly to help and encourage people and I actually look forward to my weekly weigh as I see her as a friend rather than just my Consultant.    

Georgia has supported me all through my weight loss, when things were going good she's celebrated with me, when I've struggled she's listened to me and helped me get back on track, I've been able to text or ring her when I've needed any help. 

I'm almost at goal weight now and I genuinely don't think I would have been able to do this without Georgia’s help and support.

Pauline Cohen, 69

Being older, with some health concerns and a lot of weight to lose I was worried about starting the diet. Georgia was so professional and made sure I started on the right step. Georgia keeps in touch between appointments, her support in my weight loss journey has been absolutely invaluable.

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.