Case Study

Jean Lawrence

Jean's stats

Age 65
Height 5ft 2"
Start size 24
Current size 12
Total weight loss: 7st 12lbs

One-to-one support, along with a total diet replacement (TDR) programme, is an effective and cost-efficient way to lose weight long term, as a new study by the University of Oxford, published in Obesity magazine, reveals.

And the findings show that introducing this approach would represent good value for money for the NHS as a treatment for obesity as it reduces the chances of people developing diabetes and heart disease in the future.

Former nurse Jean Lawrence used to polish off a bucket of fried chicken before going to bed and cooked enough for six adults, even though there was only her and her son at home.

The one-to-one support Jean received from The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan gave her the support she needed to finally beat the bulge.

“For 30 years I struggled to lose five stones, but with the one-to-one support from my Consultant, Jennifer Joseph, I’ve lost more than seven stones. 

“When I struggled, Jennifer gave me extra sessions and was always at the end of the phone.  

“Her posting of regular motivational quotes was instrumental in keeping me on track and she enabled me to use the steps to develop a structured way of eating, identify my trigger foods and learn the importance of keeping hydrated.”

Jamaican-born Jean’s weight issues started when she was struggling to conceive and a relationship with her former partner broke down.

Jean said: “I’m embarrassed to think of my eating habits back then, where a typical day began with two breakfasts from the drive-through - one demolished in the car and the other at my desk - to give the impression I’d only had one.

“Lunch consisted of fried chicken, chips and the odd couple of portions of chicken wings while finishing off a bucket of more fried chicken before bed.

“My eating began when I woke up and stopped when I fell asleep, many times with an empty plate beside me. At this point sleep apnoea held me hostage, so I slept sitting upright on the sofa in the living room.”

Years of being morbidly obese took its toll on Jean’s body and she had to have a couple of operations.

“The only way to describe how I feel now is liberated. I have gone from taking 16 pain relief tablets daily to taking none. I am walking again and do 10,000 steps daily with ease. I only have one fully-functioning kidney, but with my new weight there is no water retention. 

“My cholesterol and blood pressure are now under control, I am not pre-diabetic and no longer have fatty liver.”

As well as this, Jean can now do many things most people take for granted.

“I can sit and cross my legs and bend to tie my shoelaces. I am not ashamed to be seen in public any more and have a wardrobe full of clothes that make my heart smile.”

Jean Lawrence after After
Jean Lawrence before Before

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