Case Study

Emma Luff

Emma's stats

Age 29
Height 5ft 7"
Start size 22
Current size 14

Emma Luff was one of the patients who took part in a major new trial which proved that people who are overweight and obese lost significantly more weight when referred by their doctor to a total diet replacement (TDR) programme provided by Cambridge Weight Plan, rather than the usual NHS care route. Emma was chosen to use the Cambridge Weight Plan method and here is her story:

Emma was wearing maternity clothes because they ‘fitted in the right places’ when she was asked to take part in the DROPLET trial. Now, after losing almost five stone during the trial, she has been on shopping sprees for clothes she actually likes, rather than those that just fit, for the first time in years.

Emma weighed 18st 2lbs, was a size 22, and classed as morbidly obese by the time she was 27. 

“My working life as a chef in the busy hospitality industry revolved around food,” she said. “I was doing crazy shifts and long hours. Having a break to sit down to eat my lunch was unheard of and instead I would eat whatever I could, whenever I could, and my weight increased.

“I was always a secret dieter, desperately trying many methods to lower the reading on the home scales and look as glamorous as my friends.

“I’d reached the point where I was wearing maternity clothes because they fitted in the right places.”

Depressed about her weight, Emma turned to her doctor for help on numerous occasions.

“I had been referred by my GP to a nutritionist and was put on a weight loss drug for four to five weeks, which was horrendous. It didn’t help to change my attitude toward food or my eating habits. So I continued my constant battle with my weight.”

Then Emma received a letter from her GP, asking if she would take part in DROPLET. She was randomly chosen to see a CWP Consultant, Gemma Cottingham, and started having one-to-one support from her throughout her weight-loss journey.

“Gemma came to my house and explained how the plan worked, I couldn't believe how easy it was to follow. We put together a plan and for the first time in ages, I felt I had control and knew the weekly weigh-ins and support from Gemma would keep me on track. I knew I was going to do this.”

By the end of the trial, Emma had lost more than four stones, weighed 13st 4lbs and was a size 12 to 14. A weight loss she has still maintained.

She said: “I was delighted with the easiness of Cambridge Weight Plan and am so glad I was chosen to try it out.

“I still have the same issues which came with the job as a chef, but Cambridge Weight Plan had taught me to think differently about food and make sensible choices so I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss.”

And she added how losing weight has inspired her in all aspects of her life.

“I never really noticed the daily struggles my weight caused me until I lost it,” she added. “My knees no longer click when I get out of a chair and my breathless steps up the stairs have vanished. I wake up happy, motivated and thriving on my appearance.

“People may not realise there are weight restrictions to going on things like trampolines, even at theme parks, but I can now do this without worry.”

Emma has also become a part-time Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant too.

“I cannot wait to encourage and motivate other people to lose weight and get their life back like I did. Thanks to the Cambridge Weight Plan and the support of my consultant Gemma, I am the person I have always wanted to be and looking forward to the next chapter of my life.”

If you want to transform your life, just like Emma, contact your nearest Consultant today

Emma Luff after After
Emma Luff before Before

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