Employee Owned Business

Cambridge Weight Plan is proud to be an employee owned business.

All the Company’s shares are held in Trust and the beneficiaries of that Trust are the employees themselves. They participate in a profit share scheme and enjoy access to a number of health and welfare initiatives. The business currently employs more than 220 staff.

Around 4% of UK Gross Domestic Product is delivered by employee owned businesses, the biggest being the John Lewis Partnership. Employee owned businesses come in all shapes and sizes but share a common principle of putting employees at the centre of their operations.

Evidence from the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) suggests that employee owned businesses achieve higher productivity and greater levels of innovation and are more resilient to economic turbulence. They also have a more engaged, more fulfilled workforce. As Cambridge Weight Plan is Trust owned it also makes it difficult for the business to be sold, creating a stable long-term platform for growth.

Pictures: Cambridge Weight Plan Fun Day and Staff at EO Day June 2018

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