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Karen S

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Having tried many ways, over many years, to lose weight, I began to hear success stories from people who had followed the Cambridge Weight Plan.

I started on the Plan at a Size 20 and very quickly lost weight, reaching my size 12 target giving me the confidence to wear my first ever 'little black dress'.

Cambridge Weight Plan has been a great success for me and I am now looking forward to helping you achieve your personal weight goal.  Having attended many slimming classes in the past, I ensure that I see everyone on a 1:1 basis so that my time is dedicted to you.  

Give me a call and make this the first day of a new you.


July 2009 - The sun is shining and I am going to meet a friend for lunch, what a lovely thought…or is it! What am I going to wear?…nothing fits. I look fat in everything I put on.

Karen - “Hiya, how are you?”

Friend – “yeah I'm good thanks”, “why are you wearing a jumper?”

 …and that’s where my Cambridge Weight Plan journey started.

My friend told me about her friend that was on the Cambridge Weight Plan and was looking wonderful having dropped 2 dress sizes in as many months!!

That evening I went onto the internet and found a Consultant who was near to my home, e-mailed her and shortly after my appointment was booked.  The diet was explained to me and I did wonder if I would possibly be able to do it but I did not want to be having to wear a jumper during the summer of 2010 and so I started the Christmas of 2009, I was 3 dress sizes smaller and I bought my first ever Little Black dress.

Many years have now passed since I reached my target weight.  I can still get into my Little Black Dress but I also have a wardrobe full of new clothes that I can choose from without wondering how fat I will look!!!

For me Cambridge Weight Plan is the only diet where I have firstly reached a target and secondly managed to keep my weight loss off for longer than a few months.

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Chanden Sidhu

I started CWP feeling fed up and depressed, meeting Karen was one of the best things I have done. Karen has given me the tools to transform my health and most importantly, has constantly supported me.

I’ve never feel alone and Karen is always at the other end of the phone. The plan is very effective and Karen has always been there to encourage me. I genuinely look forward to our meetings and feel so comfortable with her. To date, I have lost 2 dress sizes. I’m looking forward to finishing the journey with the best Consultant ever!

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.