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Ginny R

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I have over 11 years’ experience as a Consultant and have helped many clients to lose weight AND maintain. Call me today!

I work from my home office in Burtle, Somerset and also cover a wide area on my mobile rounds in Somerset and Wiltshire. I try and be as flexible as possible with my routes and timings, so just ask if I cover your area.


I have an underactive thyroid, and I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to maintain a healthy weight. Also, a close family member has diabetes, and I have learnt so much about helping him keep his blood sugars under control. I have a number of older clients with health issues who needed to lose weight for health reasons, and together we have had great successes.

Whether you need to lose half a stone for a special event or 3 stone to regain your figure, or 6 stone to improve your health and reduce your reliance on medication, Cambridge Weight Plan can help you achieve your goals. Also, I actively encourage all my maintaining clients to visit me for a free monthly weigh in to keep their weight under control.

All appointments are private and confidential, and everyone is seen on an individual basis unless otherwise requested. My home office is quiet, private and free of animals and children (unless you bring them!).

Call or text me now. The sooner you start on Cambridge Weight Plan, the sooner you will feel great too!



Tony Hodgkins

I had lost a substantial amount of weight in the past, but due to medical problems, I piled it back on. I need not have worried, Ginny was very understanding and supportive. She helped me to get back on plan and feel good about myself. She comes every week without fail, and helps to keep me on the straight and narrow. As the weight comes off, my health is improving and my list of medications are reducing. And I know Ginny will still be there once I reach goal to help me maintain for as long as I need.


I have always found it difficult to stay on any weight loss regime.  I am an emotional eater.  When I get tired, stressed or upset I often turn to food.  Ginny's support has helped me to gradually overcome this pattern.  She is an excellent motivator.  Without her help I would not have been able to continue to lose weight and get my life back on track.


Knowing that Ginny will be appearing at my door every Tuesday, with her pragmatic and non-judgemental manner has been a huge factor in my weight-loss. Her faith and positivity has kept me going – not just during the great loss weeks but also during the difficult times. Realistic encouragement and practical, intelligent support combined with humour and empathy has given me hope that my goal is both attainable and sustainable. I have a classic and extensive dieting history of never reaching targets and slapping it all back on. Ginny has given me confidence that it can remain history. Thank you!


Ginny has a sensible, no nonsense approach to weight loss using the Cambridge Plan.  She knows that it works but she also knows how real life can sometimes get in the way.  Ginny is always there with supportive words and suggestions on avoiding those “situations” and keeping you on track.

*If weight loss and/or timeframes are mentioned, please be aware that everyone's weight loss journey is unique to them.