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Our delicious tasting products contain the vitamins and minerals you need for balanced nutrition and healthy weight loss.

Ask your Cambridge Consultant about our mouth-watering range of sweet and savoury flavours.

Choose from easy-to-mix shakes, soups, porridge, savoury rice, pasta dishes, delicious smoothie and vanilla rice pudding, or try our tasty chocolate and yoghurt coated meal bars. Handy ready-made shakes are perfect when you’re on the move.

  • Pasta

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    Based on a classic Italian dish, our Spaghetti Bolognese is made with a delicious tomato and garlic flavoured sauce, and the new addition to our pasta range is our mouth-watering English classic, Macaroni Cheese.

  • Savoury Rice

    Savoury Rice
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    Choose from our tasty Mushroom Risotto with the flavour of intense champignon mushrooms accompanied by creamy rice, or our delicious chicken tikka style curry – spice up your life a little!

  • Shakes and soups

    Shakes and soups
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    Shake flavours include Banana, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Mango, Fruits of the Forest, Key Lime Pie,Strawberry, Toffee and Walnut, Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Cappuccino.

    Soup flavours include Chicken and Mushroom, Oriental Chilli, Vegetable, Mushroom, Leek and Potato and Tomato and Basil Soup.

    * Some flavours are available as lactose-free options.

  • Smoothies

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    A rich, yoghurt-based smoothie bursting with the flavour of blackcurrant and apple. And our refreshing cherry and strawberry smoothie, perfect as your breakfast, or as a treat in the afternoon or evening.

  • Bars

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    Our bars are available in two great textures: chewy or crunchy!

    For a chewy option choose from Toffee, Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. If crunchy is more your thing, then try Cranberry, Chocolate Mint or Peanut. There is also a Lemon Flavour Yoghurt coated bar for those who love citrus flavours.

  • Porridge

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    Our tasty porridge is good enough to enjoy at any time of the day.

    Choose from Original, Apple and Cinnamon, or Maple and Pecan.

  • Ready-made shakes

    Ready-made shakes
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    Our three ready-made shakes come in handy cartons, complete with a straw, making them ideal for busy people everywhere!

    Choose from Banana Bliss, Chocolate Velvet and Strawberry Silk.

  • Cambridge Eat Easy

    Cambridge Eat Easy
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    These fantastic meals are ideal for anyone who wants a tasty, low-calorie lunch or dinner of around 300kcal. They can help with portion control and are perfect when you’re on the go and need a quick and simple meal that’s healthy and satisfying.

    Our range of meals include:

    • Chicken Curry
    • Mediterranean Style Chicken
    • Vegetable Chilli
  • Dessert

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    Vanilla Rice Pudding

    This fabulous addition to the Cambridge Weight Plan range is fluffy and light with a delicious vanilla flavour, creating a traditional favourite, perfect for the cold winter months.  It’s like a cuddle in a sachet!

  • Extras

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    Bonus Bar, Mix a Mousse, Cambridge Fibre, Shakers, Whisks, Jute bags, Recipe book, Trolley tokens, Water Flavourings:

    • Golden Vegetable
    • Summer Berry
    • Sunshine Orange

* We recommend you always read the product label and do not rely solely on the website for product information.

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