Cambridge Weight Plan

Success stories

Read all about our amazing slimmer’s who have achieved real success and transformed their lives using a variety of Cambridge Weight Plan programmes. We hope their stories motivate you to start your own Cambridge Weight Plan success story.


“I was so big, my son asked if I was pregnant”

“My weight was holding me back from living”

“A change for the whole family”

“As a busy mum this Plan was perfect for me”

“Someone threw a drink at me because I was overweight”

“I gained weight after I left the Armed Forces”

“I was successful because the plans are simple”

“I'm nearly half the woman I was”

“I learnt to enjoy everything in life”

“People used to shout at me in the street”

“I feel years younger”

“I needed something that fitted in with my lifestyle”

“Losing weight helped my career”

“I don't even recognise myself sometimes!”

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