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Little Angels Appeal

On the 18th December Social Services came to collect the ‘angel’ appeal gifts. Last year they only sent one car and had to call for help – there were so many gifts! This year they came with five cars, still this wasn’t enough room to accommodate the overwhelming amount of gifts. Social Services were once again amazed by the generosity of CWP Staff. Just fewer than 400 children in the Northamptonshire area don’t have anything to look forward to at Christmas.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity and the donation of £1,000 from the Company, all of the children had something to open on Christmas Day.


One Step Beyond!

Annie together with other members of Integrated Cancer Therapies Charity (ICT) Corby, completed a 10K walk on Saturday 9th May 2015 on the Waendel Walk Weekend in Wellingborough.

This was to raise money for ICT who provide free complimentary therapies for cancer patients diagnosed, being treated and in remission. The Charity also provides support advice and relaxation sessions for the friends and family of clients.

Annie raised £150 for the charity: “It was a great Day, the weather was perfect and there were opportunities to meet people from all over the world entering the Weekend Walks”.


Charity Garage Sale Day!

Liz, from the design team, helped her mum with a garage sale on Saturday 23rd May 2015 to help raise money for The National Autistic Society.

Lots of people were happy to walk away with a bargain! The total raised was over £100: “We were delighted with the result and the support from friends and the neighbourhood”.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit

Pupdate: Changing lives!

For the last eleven years Cambridge Weight Plan has been a guide-dog puppy sponsor. Our support has helped people who are blind or partially sighted to have a chance to fulfil their dreams by being independent.

Our latest graduate, Flint has completed his 2 year training programme and has been successfully paired with his new owner, Maurice. He said: “Flint has really changed my life for the better – he is such a kind and affectionate dog”.

Our new recruit is Yazmin, a young spritely pup who loves to run-around on the grass with her brothers and sisters. We will keep you updated with her progress.

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